KHOYA is handcrafted and every selection is a result of unwavering artistic passion and our appetite for perfection. Using only fresh and organic ingredients, KHOYA is the essence of true Indian sweets. Each piece is carefully selected, tastefully arranged and beautifully packaged to create an exquisite box of Mithai. For you. For family. For friends.

Our Story

We at KHOYA are on a mission to make Indian mithai exciting again as we believe it’s such a pertinent part of our culture. KHOYA’S artistic passion, craftsmanship, and appetite for perfection is designed to offer a customers a pure moment of pleasure. KHOYA remains true to the finest traditions of Indian mithai. Whether it’s a celebration, token of gratitude, surprise or a well deserved indulgence. The gift of KHOYA mithai is always a welcomed treat, The iconic KHOYA box wrapped with finesse leaves a lasting impression. KHOYA is as individual as you and KHOYA mithai boxes can be exclusively customised to suit your style.

The perfect size to satisfy your Mithai cravings on the go.

The ideal size to indulge in mixed varieties of KHOYA Mithai.

The perfect gifting option, KHOYA’s always an awaited gift. 

The quintessential box to make a statement. Leave a lasting impression with this grand box of 36.

Walnut Peda
Motichoor Ladoo
Pista Longe
Shahi Boondi Ladoo
Paan Peda
Filled Kesar Modak
Pink Motichoor Ladoo
Milk Cake
Fig Barfi (Sugar-Free)
Brown Sugar Besan Ladoo
Kesar Peda
Roasted Besan Ladoo
Pink Coconut Ladoo
Date & Nut Barfi (Sugar-Free)
Chocolate Chip Peda